Step into a supportive online environment that facilitates awakening, healing, and growth. Through detailed energy readings, I help individuals understand the connection with their energy, trauma they have experienced, or how it impacts their current situations in life, and their physical health.

During sessions, you are encouraged to ask questions, share what resonates, and to let me know if you want to delve deeper into something that arises.

Booking Information

  • Soul Light Reading $300

    2 Hours — This session is a Soul Light Reading, and can cover just about everything that you need to know. I tap into your energy with full permission from your Higher Self and we cover any areas that come through, your health, messages from your Guides, connecting with loved ones, healing trauma on the ancestral line, reiki, I leave the space open and go where your energy takes me. If I feel the need to draw oracle cards, I will do so. This session is so detailed and will give clarity, closure and peace.

  • Health Energy Reading $250

    90 Minutes — Also known as Medical Medium Reading, my most detailed reading, this session uses both intuitive energy reading and reiki to identify physical challenges that are linked to blocks in your energy caused by trauma. By locating the trauma and seeing how it connects to your physical body, you will gain a new understanding of your health, your energy, and how trauma has impacted you throughout your life.

  • Relationship Reading $275

    90 Minutes — Whether you want to start a romantic relationship, have just met someone new, or are struggling in your long-term relationship, energy readings can reveal underlying issues and offer guidance. These sessions require a clear photo of you, and depending on your situation, photos of others may also be required.

  • Medium Reading $165

    60 Minutes — In this session, I read your energy then open up a channel to connect with a loved one on the other side. Many find that this communication can bring closure, comfort, and peace. You are encouraged to choose one person you want to hear from, as it will allow more information to come through. This session requires a clear, unfiltered photo of the person you want to connect with, and a clear, unfiltered photo of yourself. Please note that questions regarding family estate, money, and assets most likely can not be answered. This is a delicate subject that can sway the reading in a negative way, which may cut off the connection with the loved one.

  • Oracle and Tarot Card Reading $150

    60 Minutes — Bringing a unique and intuitive approach to oracle and tarot card readings, I begin by briefly reading your energy, then allowing your energy to connect with the energy of the cards. In doing so, insight and guidance for your life path emerge. Feel free to bring up to four questions and I will draw a card for each. Because all of my sessions are held on Facebook messenger, you will receive photos of each card.

  • Intuitive Reiki Healing $150

    60 Minutes — In this session, I move through each of the seven primary chakra centers to read your energy. In the process, I identify trauma or other events that have lowered your vibration and blocked your energy. Becoming more aware of these blocks is the first step of the healing journey.

  • Connect With a Loved One $165

    60 Minutes — If you are missing a loved one and feel they may have a message for you, this is the session for you. I can connect very clearly with those who have passed and gather any messages they may have or validate questions you may have with their passing or illness that took them too soon. I am skilled in this area and your reading will be beautiful.

  • Ancestral Healing $275

    105 Minutes — These healings are very in-depth. Through a few photos, I am able to find patterns in your family health and traumas and trace it back down your ancestral lineage and heal where it started. Through this, I am able to open channels for healing by showing you patterns in the family that caused the issues on the ancestral line. This reading is very detailed. Be prepared to possible share photos of family members who have passed in order to help trace down the ancestral line.

  • Spiritual Coaching and Guidance $300

    90 Minutes — This is a time for us to be present so you can share your spiritual experiences and receive guidance in them. We go over any questions you have to help you stay one, or find, your spiritual path. This is similar to life coaching, however, we bring your Spirituality to the table. I am NOT experienced in ET experiences, or astrology, but if you want to learn more about your Guides, Angels, Energy, Reiki, or psychic mediums ship, I’m happy to be a part of your journey.

  • General Energy Reading $175

    60 Minutes — This is a great option for a person who is looking for Guidance, or needing me to read their energy to help find answers to specific issues. You are welcome to bring up to 3 questions to your session. This session is not held in Zoom. I hold my readings on Facebook Messenger or Google Chat so you have your full reading written out in front of you and can use it for reference. This option is also excellent if you have had a session with me before and have more questions from a previous reading.

  • Combining Sessions $300

    90 Minutes — Sometimes it can be difficult to know which session would be most beneficial. In these cases, I’m happy to work with you to combine elements of various sessions to meet your unique needs. Custom sessions may require a series of photos to allow me to read energy and open channels. These details can be discussed once you schedule a session.