What is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritual healing modality that uses universal energy and hand-placement over areas of the body, in an effort to find blocks in a person’s energy that signify where their physical and emotional body needs healing. Distance reiki is a very effective healing option that can be done without the practitioner and client being in the same room. It can be done from any distance, and in most cases is more effective because the person receiving the energy will be in the comfort of their home, or another location where they can find their come and be open to receive.

Will your services heal?

My services open channels of energy for healing. Through my medical medium service, you will learn about areas of your physical and energy body that need attention so they can heal. In a variety of cases, clients have been healed in their session because they were in a mind set of healing. However, we all hold trauma differently and no one person heals the same. Some people take time to heal, but healing does begin in my session once the client is able to make the connection to where in their energy they have blocks, and how those blocks link to trauma that caused the illness/pain they are suffering from. I am not a doctor, I do not diagnose illness and disease, however, in your session, I will be able to see illness and diseases that you have, and/or find the symptoms and identify if they are linked to trauma. The healing takes place with the awareness when you are ready, and also in most cases, the work that needs to be done to shift your energy, change behaviors, and be open to your healing. Its a process that takes time and patience, however, I do personally believe, we are all self healing vessels and have the power to heal from trauma and the illness that came from it.

What is a medical medium?

As a medical medium, I am able to read your energy, locate blocks in the energy throughout the body that are linked to trauma you have experienced throughout life that have manifested into illness. I am not a doctor and do not diagnose illness/disease, however, I will be able to see symptoms, pain, and a variety of issues you may be experiencing. If you already have been diagnosed with a disease and/or illness that is linked to trauma, I will see it. Please keep in mind, when it comes to health, life choices can have an impact as well. If you have made some decisions in life that have impacted your health in a negative way, I will be able to see the difference between issues caused by trauma, and issues caused by choices. We will cover these areas in your session. The overall goal is to connect your trauma in life to the areas on your physical body where you are experiencing pain/illness/disease and help you identify with these areas so you can make personal decisions in shifting behaviors so you can awaken and heal.