I’m looking forward to your session and am thankful for the time we will spend together. In your session, I create an open platform where we can chat freely in regards to what information or messages come through. In this time let me know what resonates and feel free to ask me to look further into something if you feel drawn. I go where the energy takes me and do not force anything to come through. Your session will flow and be very organic in how details come through.

In order to have the most authentic reading, it is important to have an open mind and be ready to receive. If you are suspicious, skeptical, or do not believe in Spirituality or in what I do, your session will not flow, I will be blocked, and information will not come through as clearly. If you are not familiar, or have never had a reading and feel nervous, that’s ok. I feel the energy that you bring to the table and can work through being nervous so you are comfortable and have a beautiful experience. Skepticism and not trusting the process or being blocked with suspicions, that is something I can’t usually work around and it blocks information in a session. I do my best.

As we go through the reading, sometimes emotions can escalate so if you feel emotional and need to step away, that is fine. I am patient and will continue to work on your energy while you take care of yourself. We will work through it together. I keep the energy open and allow it to flow where it needs to. Below are the disclosures and guidelines when booking a session with me.

  1. Each session is scheduled for the allocated time. If I feel drawn to go over and time allows it, I will not charge, but will let you know as it comes to me. In most cases its only 10 or 15 min over and I do not charge for this.
  2. Rescheduling or canceling is required with 24 hours notice. If not, there will be a $65 charge for your next service with me.
  3. I do not offer refunds on services for cancellations, however, you may apply your payment to a service in the future (must be rescheduled within a year of your original booking). If you did not show up to your session or did not provide 24 hours notice before canceling, then there is no refund, and you may not apply your payment to another service.
  4. With medical medium sessions, you are responsible for your health and your decisions in how to utilize the information that comes through. Define Your Glow LLC is in no way responsible for your health or decisions before, or thereafter with your reading. Define Your Glow LLC in no way assumes responsibility for your health concerns or illness prior and up to the time of your session. If you feel it is necessary to see your healthcare provider, please do so. In a medical medium session, energy is read to find physical symptoms/illnesses linked to trauma and not to diagnose in any way.
  5. All sessions are held in messenger so you have your reading in front of you and can use it for reference. You are welcome to take yourself anywhere so you can enjoy your session and relax. We will talk openly via facebook messenger, or an alternate messenger app so it will be important that you are relaxed and open in heart and mind to receive what information should come to you in your session.
  6. For your medium session, feel free to reach out to the person on the other side and let them know you want to hear from them. You are welcome to bring a couple questions to ask, however, sometimes information/messages come through on their own which can be beautiful depending on the intentions in your scheduling the session to connect.
  7. The overall goal in any of my sessions is to give you clarity and/or comfort that you need whether in health, connecting with a loved one, or guidance in life decisions as you travel your path. I do reserve the right to end the session at any time if I feel my services are being misused or mistreated in anyway. Upon ending a session for any and all reasons of misuse, there will not be a refund.