Shanell’s life is an example of what’s possible when a woman listens to her soul and uses her gifts to serve others.

Since she was a child, Shanell has been able to see, hear, and feel spirits. Yet as she grew up and eventually became a mother of two, she decided to follow a more conventional path.

At the beginning of her career as a banker, Shanell was content with being able to provide a comfortable life for her family as a single Mom. Plus, she found that she was able to use her spiritual gifts at work. Shanell’s intuition and ability to read energies and auras helped her excel at identifying and meeting customers’ needs.

However, as Shanell’s career progressed, she began to realize that it had been years since she had thought about what truly brought her joy. As she re-evaluated her life, she decided to embark on a new journey—one where she could use her gifts to their highest potential.

Shanell launched Define Your Glow in 2016 to help people tap into their inner light, heal from trauma, improve their physical and spiritual health, and connect with loved ones who have passed. Drawing on her innate spiritual gifts and various healing modalities, Shanell is passionate about helping individuals find peace and define their glow in life.